Hopefully this finds you and your families well, happy and safe.  We have been watching the Covid-19 pandemic closely and although we have always been thorough in our cleaning between guests, we have implemented a number of additions/changes to ensure you a safe and healthy stay with us.  Between guests we will continue to use sanitizing cleaners on all surfaces, including bathroom and kitchen fixtures and all appliances.  We will have all dishware cleaned prior to your use and will leave plenty of dishwashing and dishwasher detergents for you to reclean if that is what you desire to do.  We will leave starter supplies of toilet paper and paper toweling for you.  All linens (in the closets and shelving areas) will be freshly laundered and, of course, all linens and towels will be fresh and ready for your use.  Please be assured that we have proper licensing through the Door County Health Department.

I should mention that I am a registered nurse with over 35 years of experience in the ER, surgery and ICU.  I retired last year but continue to serve our county on our volunteer nurse Covid-19 response team and I am a volunteer if needed to return to our local hospital emergency department.  I just mention this to help you understand that we take the safety of our staff and guests seriously – and that you can be assured that we understand your concerns and know how to deal with things as recommended by the CDC and our local health department.

We have decided not to continue supplying small hand soaps, small bottles of shampoo and conditioner for your use.  In our efforts to provide a green friendly and virus safe environment for you, we have discontinued them – but will leave bulk sized bottles for your use of hand soap, shampoo and conditioner.  We will wash those bottles prior to your arrival.  We will leave extra cleaning supplies and sprays under kitchen and bathroom cabinets. 

And, in order to provide us with greater time to clean your rentals, we have moved check out time to 10 am and check in time to 4 pm.  You can always contact us to see if it might be possible to arrive sooner – but with discharge at 10 am and arrival delayed until 4 pm, we will have sufficient time to provide you with the cleanest rental possible.  Ourdoor furniture will be cleaned as well prior to your arrival.  All of our grills are gas grills and we will be certain to leave a back up small gas tank if needed at that rental.  Please bag all garbage and leave in the place designated for each rental – usually right in the kitchen, in the garage or on the front porch.  Lawn care is provided to us every week to two weeks.  We are often not aware what date they will be coming – but please rest assured that they will be fast and will not interrupt your visit.

We are continuing to use Mosquito Squad to spray our rentals that are wooded.  They spray every 3 weeks for ticks and mosquitos – and it helps a GREAT deal!  They generally contact us with a date and we will pass that along to you if it is going to happen when you are staying with us.  Please note that animals and people should not go onto the grass for about 30 minutes after they spray.  They tell us that they only use people and animal friendly spray, but we want to be certain so we are asking that you consider not using the grass for closer to an hour – just to be certain.  It has happened (once or twice) that we were not given notice of their treatment.  They come with masks and shields on because they are exposed to the products all day and the company has decided to provide protective equipment for their employees.  So please don’t be alarmed if you see them!

We look forward to your visit and are available to answer any questions – any time.  You can reach me here by email, or by text or phone at 920-737-9301 – I am available to you 24/7.